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What Are High-Velocity Mini-Duct Ac Systems?

What Are High-Velocity Mini-Duct AC Systems?

Individuals and businesses in the Goodlettsville, TN, area have many options when it comes to HVAC systems. Many people today choose high-velocity mini-duct AC systems that continually move air through a smaller duct system than in other central HVAC options. Here are some key features of high-velocity mini-duct systems:

Lower Repair and Maintenance Costs

The design of high-velocity mini-duct AC systems means that they require much less space than traditional central HVAC systems. The ducts in a high-velocity mini-duct are more than half the size of ducts in typical central HVAC configurations. The ducts of high-velocity mini-duct AC systems are also easier to access, so repairs and maintenance typically cost less than for traditional central HVAC systems.

Higher Energy Efficiency

The smaller physical footprint of high-velocity mini-duct AC systems makes them more energy efficient than traditional central HVAC systems. The smaller duct surface area in a high-velocity mini-duct system means less energy loss as the air travels through the ducts. The unit has to put less effort into heating or cooling, and air leakage is minimal. Also, since high-velocity mini-duct HVAC systems continually move air through the ducts, the thermostat doesn’t have to be set as high or as low as in other central systems to maintain the desired temperature.

Remove More Humidity

HVAC systems maintain more comfortable temperatures in part by removing humidity from the air. Manufacturers of high-velocity mini-duct air conditioners have created cooling systems that remove more humidity than typical central HVAC systems.

Suited for Old Homes and New Constructions

Due to their smaller size, high-velocity mini-duct air conditioners are easier to install in older homes where there’s often less space than in newer properties. Besides being a good choice for older homes that lack central air conditioning, high-velocity mini-duct air conditioners are great for new constructions where it’s simple to opt for them at the outset than larger duct systems.

Solace Heating and Air can help you figure out if high-velocity mini-duct AC system is right for you or if a traditional central HVAC system is better for your needs or budget. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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